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Now, working alone doesn't mean you're on your own


A lone pedistrian

We ask a lot from our workers when we send them out to do their jobs alone.
Away from the office, they face difficult and stressful situations without physical support from their colleagues. Whether on a country lane or a city estate, every dark footpath potentially holds a danger, every corner and stairway an unwelcome surprise, every door knock an aggressive response.
The PC-based system can monitor many workers at multiple sites and for a low capital outlay, its software provides access to all mobile phones, with the lowest ongoing costs currently available. Systems can be configured for workforces in excess of 5,000 workers.

The system uses mobile phone text messaging with built-in safety procedures and its reliable, tamper-proof and simple to use fail-safe operation keeps everything under your control. Your workers book themselves in by sending an SMS message or they can be signed on by the monitoring supervisor.Notification is received back confirming duty details and each worker is booked on for a specific time, with check calls being made if the spell away from the office is a particularly long one.

Alarm activates
If a worker fails to check back in or book off, a reminder message is sent and if they don't respond within five minutes an alarm is activated. There is also a panic button feature which can summon help without any need to speak. Such a comprehensive personal alarm system means your workers need never feel alone again. Lone Star is the closest thing to having a colleague watch over you.

Sending a text message