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Customer Case Study :

Astraline Services

Safety and security, no matter how small or large your workforce

Astraline Services is part of the highly-regarded Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust, which provides accommodation and care services in the North-west with over 4,300 homes in the general, retirement and special needs sector.From a dedicated call centre near Stockport, its Astraline division provides 24-hour alarm monitoring, mobile wardens and out-of-hours repairs for the Trust, and also offers its services to other clients in the public and private sectors. It provides 24-hour support, 365-days a year to a wide-ranging client base who need to ensure their staff working out in the field are safe whenever they are on duty.


Our solution:

Autopage's Lone Star lone worker protection system was installed at the Astraline call centre in 2005 and is currently used by around 150 field workers, with another 50 due to come on line shortly. Project manager Alan Usher says Lone Star has proved to be so flexible and easy to operate, Astraline can tailor it for use by a wide range of customers with widely varying levels of staff. "Clients using it range from a 24-hour delivery service visiting unoccupied addresses at night, to a paint factory where workers operate in a loud environment and would be unable to check in with a voice message," he says. Workers out in the field log onto the monitored system via text message using their own mobile phones. If they then fail to reply to messages, or don't check in or sign off at preset times, an alarm is triggered in the call centre and the Astraline staff will take action. Workers can also hit a panic button which can summon help without any need to speak.
The Windows-based system is highly reliable and easy to back up. Astraline runs a copy on a dedicated laptop so if office systems go down it can simply be plugged in elsewhere and service is resumed. Its flexibility also allows different reporting templates to be set up for individual clients and as all events are logged, company records can be maintained. Employers are able to meet their Health and Safety obligations in safeguarding employees, and the staff feel safer knowing that someone is aware of their whereabouts throughout their shift.
Alan is also pleased with the service and back up he has received from Autopage: "I can't speak too highly of them. If I have had any issues or questions, their support is always fantastic. "It really is a very useful resource for our users. It is so easy to operate, I can show someone how to use it in five minutes and, as they use their own mobiles, set up and running costs are extremely low."

Alan Usher Lone Worker Project Manager, Astraline Services - Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust